Perdue’s Pots and Plants

Perdue's Pots and Plants
Perdue's Pots and Plants

Mr. and Mrs. Perdue have been in business on Pine Forest Road for about 23 years now, yet a day hasn’t gone by this week that someone hasn’t stopped in for the first time. “I pass this place everyday on the way to work…” is the most oft-repeated refrain. Well, you’re off work today! So, make a special effort to stop by and see Mrs. Perdue and her lovely selection of Mother’s Day plant gifts. With recent shipments of fuschias, braided azalea, tuberous begonias, hydrangeas and more, you’re sure to find something wonderful!

Be sure to visit the back of the nursery for a really nice selection of butterfly plants, herbs and veggies.

Hours: M-S open 9-4; Sunday open 12-4

Telephone: 944-6661


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