Cutting Geraniums

You may know, if you keep up with the doings of BrightHaven in any way, that I am working at a plant nursery this week. We had several, several inches of rain here in Pensacola on Monday so we’re doing a lot of catch up work at the nursery. Mother’s Day week is one of the absolute busiest times for plant nurseries so they try to look their best for this week.
As relief worker, my job has been making everything look pretty. That’s where cutting geraniums comes in. Geraniums are enormously popular around here. Being fairly inexpensive also makes them somewhat disposable so they are always on hand at Mrs. Perdue’s nursery. As you may already know, geraniums like to stay on the dry side. You may want to water them separately in your garden or patio set up. In a nursery, one doesn’t always have that luxury. The sprinkler system is set to go off at a specific time and water for a certain length. In the Pensacola humidity, this extra water can prove quite deadly for some plants.
The best thing to be done for any of your plants that are finicky humidity wise is to make sure there’s plenty of air circulation among plants. You might think that lush growth is a sign of supreme health but your plant knows better. If our Gulf Coast moist air gets trapped near the roots or lower branches of your sensitive plants (ie, curry plant, lavender, geranium), the death bell is tolling for your garden friends.
So, do yourself a favor and get your pruning scissors out. Gently prune near the base of your plants. Don’t let those branches get so thick that your little green friends can’t get fresh air. They’ll thank you for it.


2 thoughts on “Cutting Geraniums

  1. thanks, Becca, for the advice on geraniums. I have been caring for one for 2 years now and did not know any of the info you shared. I have learned so much from your website and thank you for all the suggestions. BTW, I am Rachel W.’s sister.

  2. thank you for this! I added some geraniums to the front porch (to remember my grandma’s) and knowing this will really help. We are very humid in the summer, and without knowing it, I spaced them far apart. They are really showing out:)

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