Emabarassed? Discouraged? Forlorn? Disgusted?

I’m not sure which of these adjectives fits my relationship with my garden the best right now.  What isn’t dying isn’t really doing anything else.  The rye that I planted to act as a cover crop has really gone above and beyond what I asked of it.  It’s really turning out to be a garden thug.  Who knew?  I’ve only seen rye grass in people’s lawns.  I thought it just mysteriously went away.  Naive, I know.

And, did I mention the heat?  Heat indices between 100 and 110 degrees are really doing a number on these little plants.  I’m finding myself to be much more ruthless these days when I come across a listless, sick looking plant.  It gets ripped out of the ground and kicked to the curb–literally.

Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning.  Just wanted to let you all why I’ve not really been posting any gardening tidbits.  Any suggestions on how to combat the gardening blahs?  I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Emabarassed? Discouraged? Forlorn? Disgusted?

  1. well i’m thinking it would encourage you to know how silly my lil weedy, growth stunted plot looks in comparison to your beautifully tended and planned, researched, blessed, adored, hard worked and envied wonderful garden in your incredible back yard. i’m sure well into the front yard also, if its anything like when i’ve been there!! be encouraged… you inspire me.

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