A gardening poll…

While talking to a group of folks yesterday, the topic of gardening being too difficult/too time consuming came up. Now, for us, gardening is easy. Then again, we always say: “we have more time than money” while other folks may have more money than time.

The mission of Little Green Bees is to help you garden (and garden well) in the easiest (for you) and most efficient way possible. With that in mind, How can you, our readers, be best equipped to be successful gardeners? Please take a few moments to fill out this poll for us and we’ll be on our way!

2 thoughts on “A gardening poll…

  1. We make time for what is important to us. As for me, I’m a Hobbit, what do you expect. I love good tilled earth.

  2. Becca, is this one of your blogs? It is a beautiful place. I enjoyed the video. My garden is not as pretty as that one, but we enjoy working in it. I will send some “longhorn okra” seed soon. I am pleased the zinnias did well. If you need more seed, I have about 5 gallons and will be happy to share. Can you grow bluebonnets there? Now is the time to plant. My “bonnets” are up and ready for the winter.

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