Early this morning

I put in our order at Bountiful Gardens. Now, nothing left to do but wait with bated breath for the lovely fava beans, garbanzo beans, trailing nasturtiums, and Austrian field peas to arrive. We’ve already planted our greens for the season

  1. tendergreen mustard: gorgeous plant, prolific grower; I graze on this stuff while I’m in the garden with it. Leaves are super tender and the flavor is just slightly nutty. Green of choice for this season.
  2. turnip greens: white egg–a bit disappointed in the taste though they are growing well
  3. turnip green: purple top–one of my annual favorites. I have planted this tg variety for several years now.
  4. Spinach–barely even raised its head over the course of two weeks. This is the second year in a row I have been disappointed in this variety. I shan’t grow it again!
  5. Cilantro–I didn’t save seed last year so I planted some of my old stock. Not a bit of it came up! I guess I’ll have to buy seed this year…
  6. today, I made the first thinning of greens and sauteed them with just a bit of salt and sugar. The flavor was a trifle bland. Next time, I’ll cook them longer…and add bacon grease…

That wraps up this day’s garden report. I’ve been working on some keyhole gardens and spiral beds. I’ll be sure to post photos sometime soon!

One thought on “Early this morning

  1. ‘White Egg’ turnips may make boring greens (we feed our to the chickens, so I wouldn’t know), but the turnips themselves are SO good sliced into salads! Don’t diss ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em!

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