At the Water’s Edge

Yesterday evening, James and my sister and her girls and I all spent some time at Jayne’s house kayaking and canoeing.  It was fun.  Bayou Grande was nice and warm, like a bathtub.  We didn’t see any jellyfish or other critters, though we have seen plenty in the past.

This cute little dragonfly very kindly posed for dozens of photographs.

Dragonfly on Jayne's bromeliad
Dragonfly on Jayne’s bromeliad
Dragonfly on geranium
Dragonfly on geranium

All this praying mantis wanted to do was 1. get cleaned up  2.  get off the canoe.  Not necessarily in that order!


James canoed all over the bayou.


With storm clouds hanging over the bayou, the light really was lovely for taking photographs.  We all had lots of fun and Micah and James even treated us to an example of their Crossfit workout.

Pretty awesome.
Pretty awesome.

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