Oh my! This situation sounds all too familiar!


Six days after our first inspection, we noticed some changes in the bee’s behavior. They had developed an attitude. There seemed to be a lot less pollen coming into the hive, they were noisy (a loud roar from the hive rather than a nice even hum), and they seem rather put out (read “pissed off!”). Also, I had been told (after the fact of course) that I had manipulated the frames incorrectly during the inspection. Not knowing any better, I had lifted the frames out vertically, and replaced them before pulling the next frame. Apparently, one common end result of this is “rolling the queen” which is a nicer way to say “crushing the queen because she was near a pinch point between frames, or was in the process of laying, and her large abdomen got caught between the moving combs. Having already heard what must be the most dreaded…

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