Does It Ever Get Too Hot For Bees?

This should look familiar to you beekeepers here along the Gulf Coast! Thankfully, our temps have been slightly below that of the rest of the country but we are no strangers to the heat wave!

Romancing the Bee

Today we are under an Excessive Heat Warning in Southern Ohio. Temperatures are expected to reach 100° Farenheit.

Which made me wonder…  Does it ever get too hot for bees?

The answer is “yes.”

Bees are very sensitive little critters. They are highly sensitive to temperatures, just as they are to odors, colors, noises and movement.

They particularly don’t like heat. They keep the hive temperature around 95° F, and they become stressed by temperatures over 98°.

In hot weather, bees collect water to cool the hive, and fan their wings at the entrance to reduce the inside temperature.

If it gets too hot within the hive, they will crowd outside the hive on the landing board during the day and even in the evening. This is called ‘bearding.”

If the bees are unable to stay cool, they will expire. Not good.

So what can we do?

First, we should…

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