Honeybees and Hot nights

Quite frankly, the honeybees are hot!  In our warm weather, we’ll often see the honeybees on the “front porch,” fanning to help keep the hive at an even temperature.  I keep joking that I’m going to set out a saucer of sweet tea for them to enjoy on the porch while they’re fanning.  They’re all over the yard, looking for water.  The past week has been especially dry and warm here on the Gulf Coast and the honeybees have noticed.  I was out watering the garden yesterday.  My garden hose is pretty trashed and was leaking all over my hand.  A wonderfully observant honeybee took the opportunity to light upon my hand and get her fill of water!  She re-landed several times.  You’ll also notice honeybees in your sprinkler system, in bird baths, fish ponds and swimming pools!

Be sure to give the little bugs an easy way to get back out because they certainly will drown.  Take a look at these pictures to see what a beehive looks like on an overly warm spring night!



3 thoughts on “Honeybees and Hot nights

    1. I could do that but it’s mostly just the heat. Last time I checked, we didn’t need another super and hate to give the small hive beetles any extra room to run and hide! 🙂

  1. The bees know, the beetle is a pest at best and is not imcriminated in the spread of disease. There is a honey flow, if you were to add more supers the bees will fill them up, plus the hive would be cooler, especially if you ventilated by placing a 3/8″ stick under the top most super.
    Give your bees something to do, they need more room.


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