Goodness from the Garden

Ahh, it’s that time of the year where the 90 degree temps last well past seven, watering is a necessity, and tomatoes are plentiful.  Yes, tomatoes my dear friends.  They are literally falling off our bushes.  Check my garden page to see the varieties that we planted this year.  So far, we’re only harvesting from the Park’s Whopper, Better Boy and Better Bush.  Let me tell you this right now about the Better Bush.  It is prolific.  It’s a beautiful bush.  It ripened early an is giving us lots of tomatoes.  It’s not any good for eating fresh.  Seasoned and cooked, it’s perfectly fine but this is not a slicing tomato.  In fact, the tomatoes you’re going to see below are Better Bush tomatoes.  They have a very firm outer wall, making them perfect for stuffing!


Another delicious treat from the garden that we had with our dinner is this wonderful mint honey.  Basically, I just crushed mint from the garden and soaked it in our own honey until the honey was infused with the flavorful herb.  I added it to our iced tea and it was lovely!


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