For anyone (Tripp) who may be interested, the garden is coming along splendidly this spring.  We planted tomatoes back in early March, made bean teepees this month and the honeybees are thriving (after several queen deaths and replacing queens in both hives!)

Are we having any problems in the garden this spring?  Well, yes, it turns out we are.  Unfortunately, we managed to bring in a disease on some pepper plants that I bought from a new source.  Bacterial leaf disease is an icky bacteria that attacks pepper plants and the like.  I really don’t want to elaborate on it, so you’ll just have to research it yourselves!

Downy mildew.  That’s the other problem right now.  Yes, downy mildew has been around for a while but now it’s on basil plants.  Did you know that?  It was discovered in the United States in 2007 and became established in Florida last year.  This year is the first year we have had it.  This  year is also the year I decided to begin a basil variety collection.  I have African Blue Basil (which, thankfully, is resistant), Thai basil, sweet basil, Italian basil, lime basil, opal basil and variegated basil.  Downy mildew usually comes from infected seed stock and plants should be saved.  Aggravated by hot and humid conditions (ahem. pensacola.)  I sprayed them down with a neem oil mixture last night and will work on picking off infected leaves.  We’ll see what happens!

Would you like to see some pictures?  Of course you would.  That’s why you’re here!

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  1. My basil have downy mildew too (I’m in Jacksonville), I just sprayed them with a neem oil + dr bronner’s soap mixture this evening. I haven’t found much online about its effectiveness on basil downy mildew (which is a different fungus than downy mildew that affects other plants) so I’d be interested to hear how your plants fare. Thanks for any info!

    1. Good call on adding the Dr. Bronner’s. To me, the basil is looking better already. Of course, I completely stopped watering and cut the bushes back. We’ll see how it goes in the next few days! Thanks for stopping by!

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