What I planted yesterday

I visited my good friend Mrs. Teresa on Monday.  Her garden is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold and I want to be just like her when I grow up.  So, when I saw that she was already planting her tomatoes what could I do but follow suit?

I chose my largest tomato variety in the greenhouse: the Better Bush from Pensacola Seed and Garden.  This variety has been soaking up the sun and nutrients in the greenhouse for over a month now and the time was ripe for it to be moved outside.

For my planting, I chose a row that I last tried for beets.  Since the beets didn’t thrive, I added horse manure and a healthy dose of wood ashes and let it sit until I was ready to use it.  Every three feet along the row, I dug a hole for the tomato plants.  Your hole should be deep enough that after you add all of these ingredients the tomato should show no more than a 1/3 of its original size!  Into each hole, I added:

  1. a shot of fish emulsion
  2. a scoop of bone meal
  3. 2-3 inches of composting rabbit manure/worm castings
  4. the tomato plant, pinch off any leaves that will be below ground
  5. egg shells
  6. topped off with original soil

The post that I read from Pinterest that outlined how to do this mentioned that I should not tamp down the soil as it was not necessary.  Between each plant, I sprinkled carrot seeds (according to Louise Riotte, Carrots Love Tomatoes)

A side note: when you plant your carrots, work up the soil a bit with a harrow or hand cultivator.  Sprinkle your carrot seeds right onto the top of your soil and then water the carrot seeds in.  Your seeds will sink to the depth at which they belong!  It’s the easiest and best way I’ve ever found for planting carrot seeds (thanks Ian!)

After your tomato plants are covered, water very well.  Water two or three times to give your plant a proper soaking.

And that’s what I planted yesterday!


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