Maintaining the Garden

I do hope that all is well in your gardens.  We’re almost through this blazing hot weather and the delightful rain we’re having is doing great things for our fall gardening prospects.  I have been remiss on posting updates but have not been neglecting my garden duties.  James and I have been busy planting, pruning, weeding, composting and cloning–all in preparation for a glorious fall season of gardening along the Gulf Coast!

This is really the time for gardeners to rejoice, as we will once again be able to work the earth with only a modicum of sweating.  (With the recent heat, that’s definitely something to be glad about!)

To start out the month of August, we have welcomed several new additions to the gardens.  Here are some of the things planted at the end of July/beginning of August…

  • pie pumpkin
  • spaghetti squash
  • more asparagus beans
  • zinnias
  • sunflowers
  • marigolds

What are some of the jobs we’ve been busy with?

  • pruning, uprooting and cloning tomatoes and basil
  • planting clearance flats of plants from Lowe’s
  • pulling up any plants that look remotely diseased or done for by the heat/drought

September is one of my favorite gardening months because…this is the month to plant garlic!  Always plant more than you think you will need!  At least, that’s how I always look at it.  🙂


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