The Disturbance at the Hive Entrance

Yesterday morning, I wrote this post over at BrightHaven Days about some unusually increased activity at the entrance to our bee hives.  I was concerned that we were experiencing robbing behavior (for some reason, I’m pretty paranoid about this!) so I used the entrance reducer to discourage any potential marauders.

The rest of the evening and now this morning, there continues to be a large group of bees on the porch, in the air and on the hive front.

I want to know this: are these my bees?  Is there really no problem?  I’m pretty sure the ones in the straight line are our bees but what about these?

They’re trying to get in through the top of the hive, where there’s no hole.  Do I need more bee space?  Are we being robbed?  Bees are entering with pollen, I see bees fanning the hive and a fair amount of bees hovering around the hive.  Our young bees have always oriented at around 1630 hours so I’m not quite sure what could be going on.

I look forward to hearing your advice on this.

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