Counting the Harvest in Pounds

We have finally reached that point! Some of you will be in awe, some of you will be as excited as we are; and, for some of you, you’ll think it’s no big deal as you’ve been doing it for years! 🙂

Well, this is our first year to count the harvest in pounds…and it’s an amazing feeling! We’ve been able to sell some of our produce (local and chemical/pesticide free) for really good prices–and still have enough to share and for just ourselves!

What are the stars in the garden right now? Well, of course, the tomatoes are! That’s what everyone wants to know about, right? Do we have tomatoes?

Do we?

I picked 10 pounds of tomatoes this morning. I am beyond thrilled by that number. Of course, we have put a lot of work into that number, but we feel blessed hugely to see such a wonderful return on our investment so quickly!

What else is starring? Siberian Kale–a noted superfood and delicious to boot!

Herbs: thyme, marjoram, rosemary, basil (two varieties), tea herbs, elderberry, yarrow and echinacea.

Peppers! Jalapenos, sweet banana peppers, sweet bell peppers and cayenne.

Coming soon: keep your eyes open for an abundance of limas, pole beans, green beans and field peas!


2 thoughts on “Counting the Harvest in Pounds

  1. Wow, that is awesome ! I am a little jealous of the growing season in P-cola… we have about 16 tomato plants but are nowhere near harvest…

  2. We planted very early this year and mulched heavily. We also have about 12 better boys and 10 or 12 romas…not counting the cherry and grape tomato plants!

    We also will have the wonderful fall season for growing. It is wonderful…except it’s too hot at 2 in the afternoon to really be outside doing anything! 🙂

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