Blessings in the garden

Better Boy Tomatoes

Just making a quick list today of items I can walk outside and eat or use from the garden. It’s humbling…and makes all that weeding and watering worth it!

  • onions
  • garlic
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • collards
  • jalapeno peppers
  • banana peppers
  • bell peppers
  • green tomatoes


  • nasturtiums
  • basil
  • marjoram
  • lemon balm
  • fennel
  • cilantro
  • rosemary
  • calendula

Planting Today–>

  • lettuce in containers: not sure if this will work but interested in growing tender greens for summer.  Can I do this??  I’ll keep you updated!
  • carrots: I always thought these were a cool-season crop in our area.  Turns out, they’re pretty much year-round!
  • green beans
  • asparagus beans
  • vegetable spaghetti (in greenhouse)
  • okra (in greenhouse)

7 thoughts on “Blessings in the garden

  1. WOW! YOU guys got a real jump on the season. Good for you. You actually have okra to eat already. Even in a greenhouse that is amazing.

  2. No okra, that’s what I planted in the greenhouse today! But, yes, we did get a jump on the season b/c I just felt like we needed to get stuff started early. BTW, bees are coming home tonight!!

  3. Here in South East Florida my lettuce / mesclun mix is pretty much over which is a shame because we had free salad since January. I am growing Danvers carrots, they take such a loongg time though! Also pretty much over is Bloomsdale Spinach, which is delicious sauteed. Tomato wise I can recommend the Juliet Roma Tomatoes, which are Florida specific, we have loads of them as we do the Husky Cherry Tomatoes which are just so sweet and crisp picked right off the vine. It is just too much fun!!

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