Planting Onions, Part Two

Taking Donald’s advice, I replanted our onions today!  Basically, they were the same size as the ones he grew over the winter.  So, I followed his steps from the transplanting point.  Dug up the small sets, chopped off the tops and replanted them in a double row, six inches apart.  I have photos for you to see!

Since I’m having trouble inserting the slideshow of the photos here, simply follow this link: Planting Onions




5 thoughts on “Planting Onions, Part Two

  1. Thank you for the example and video of planting onions. Last year I put two whole Vidalia onions in a patio container and have lots of the green shown in the video. In the past I tried to grow onions here in zone 10/11 without any success. Tomorrow I am going to dig them up , see what’s happen’ and if I have anything similar to your example I will cut tops off and follow Donald’s plan of action.

    1. Dawn, wonderful! I just put in an order for onions from I bought two bunches (about 120 onions!!) for under $15, shipping was free and they’re going out today.

      Donald says: “plant one onion, get one onion.” So, planting an onion from the grocery store really won’t produce anything other than green tops! 🙂

      1. Donald was right!
        I did dig one Vidalia original up today and all I have was 4 shallots-types attached. Wonderfully crisp though (have to look on the bright side). Thanks for the pointers guys.

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