Plants per Person (or, How to Feed your Family)

I admit it. I’m guilty of starting a garden in the spring and planting one or two of about fifty different kinds of plants. And then, at the end of the season, once again I’m disappointed because I don’t have enough to feed us! Never enough tomatoes to can. Never enough eggplants to make a meal. Never enough squash to make a casserole. There’s just never enough!

If you’ve had this problem before, you know that it can be mighty discouraging. You start to feel that you’re just doing something wrong. Well, turns out I was.

Going through the trusty MacCubbin book this morning, I spotted his recommended “plants per person” section. Now, if you’re in any way interested in feeding your family this season, I suggest you take a good long look at these recommendations.

I’m just going to list the ones that we’re interested in growing. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask!

Corn: 15-20 ppp

Pole Beans: 20 ppp

Bush Beans: 50 ppp

Cucumbers: 3-4 ppp

Eggplants: 2-3 ppp

English Peas: 60 ppp

Cowpeas: 20 ppp

Peppers: 3-5 ppp

Summer Squash: 4-6 ppp

Winter Squash: 2-4 ppp

Strawberries: 20-25 ppp

Tomatoes for eating Fresh: 3-5 ppp

Tomatoes for preserving: 5-10 ppp

Watermelon: 2-4 ppp


5 thoughts on “Plants per Person (or, How to Feed your Family)

  1. The latest issue of How to Find Great Plants is here and your pumpkin on a stick post is listed. Thanks so much for participating, I hope you will again next month. Here’s the issue:

    I am so getting the book you mentioned so that I can justify the insane number of plants I grow every year. I assumed I was overdoing it but now that I see these numbers I realize I have it just about right!

    1. Eliza, yes–I looked at the post–loved it!! Thanks so much for including us and I saw lots of entries I’m going to have to visit. I hate to not recommend this book to you but it’s written for Florida gardeners!! 🙂 I would hope there’s something like it for your area though! That said, I’m sure the ppp ratio would still be the same and if you had any questions on that I’d be more than happy to look up a plant for you! 🙂

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