What am I planting Fall 2010?

We just picked up a really useful book for the Gulf Coast garden. It’s Tom MacCubbin’s book “Florida Home Grown 2: The Edible Landscape” With a title like that, of course we couldn’t resist it–even if it proved to be a source of no inspiration whatsoever!

Thankfully, it is already proving itself to be one of the most useful gardening books on our shelves. With chapters on gardening with children and turning table scraps into garden plants, it appealed to our soft gardening hearts. It follows up this auspicious beginning with a section on tropical fruits, fruit trees, perennial veggies: when to plant them, how to mulch them and more.

And the seriously BEST part of this book? Each section breaks the planting guide into North, Central and Southern sections. Since we Florida gardeners know that what works in Tampa won’t fly in Cocoa Beach or even germinate in Pensacola–this feature is highly useful!

All that to say: after carefully perusing the vegetable sections and the month-by-month guide, here’s what I’m planting in the garden right now–>

straightneck squash

It’s a great variety, isn’t it? Check back later to see how it’s all turning out!

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