A question about water pond water quality

So, we’ve been having some issues with the water quality in the pond. The fish have been healthy. The levels are fine (I test the pH, nitrites, nitrates, alkalinity and so forth regularly). However, the water turned the murkiest green! I thought I had solved the problem when I realized the filter medium in the canister needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately, this cleaning only slightly lessened the greenish cast to the water. Then, one day, the water began to clear, on its own. I did not add any chemicals or do a major water change. I did not remove any fish or feed any less food. There are still three frogs in the pond and hundreds of toad tadpoles. But on this wonderful morning, I can see all the way to the bottom of the pond! Even my calico shubunkin is perfectly visible. Does anyone at all have any clues as to what could have happened to have caused my water to have cleared so well?

By the way, if you’re visiting, you should know that we are in Florida, along the Gulf Coast with temps regularly at the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark.


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