Red malabar spinach

or, New Zealand Spinach–is truly becoming lovely. My guess is that it loves a super hot and dry climate because it has languished for three months now. It has sulked and simply refused to grow. With these outrageously hot temps of the last week, the spinach has hit a growth spurt and appears to be ready for harvesting. We tasted some last week and it has a very earthy flavor–quite like spinach. I wouldn’t want to eat it by itself, but I’m going to try some on a sandwich tonight. Would also be good, I imagine, in a souffle, quiche, quesadillas, on pizza or in soup.


2 thoughts on “Red malabar spinach

  1. My stepfather grows New Zealand spinach and has very good luck with it. I didn’t realize it was also called Malabar spinach. I believe it comes back every year…either from reseeding or as a perennial.

    1. Baker Creek Heirlooms called it Red Malabar but it is New Zealand Spinach. Unfortunately, I planted mine in the wrong “garden zone” so I never bother with picking it! Need to get it up closer to the house!

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