Just a small garden update

Greenhouse: mostly empty with just a FEW tropicals, an avocado tree, and a fig tree remaining inside. this year, I am trying my hand at putting some plants in the ground in the greenhouse. I just planted three pineapples in the ground and have a lovely cassabanana melon vine growing quite rapidly. The uber-warmth of the greenhouse during the summer should be perfect for some of these very tropical plants. The avocado is inside because I thought it was dead and had uprooted it. It is alive and shall now try its fortune inside the greenhouse!

Garden: LOTS of tomatoes! The birds are already staking their claims to the various varieties. They’re such good little farmers–checking on the fruits daily and nipping off caterpillars that are encroaching on their harvest. Speaking of encroachers, spotted my first Grape Leaf Skeletonizers (be afraid) on the muscadine vine yesterday.

Have lost several yellow squash to squash vine borers. The round zucchini seem to be made of sterner stuff and are still living. Considering replanting the squash. Any thoughts on that?

Pond: total revamp being done. Lost three koi, all minnows and one comet. Hole has been patched in preformed pond but James is digging out a much larger pond for us in place of this one. Can’t wait to show you pictures. It is lovely!


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