Happy Mother’s Day from Perdue’s Pots and Plants

It’s that time of year again.

Mother’s Day?

Well, yes…and no.

Once a year, for a few weeks, I get the chance to work at a job outside my house.  It’s a job I LOVE!  I work at Perdue’s Pots and Plants, a little nursery on Pine Forest Road in Pensacola that is STUFFED with good things for your garden, your porch, your Florida room–and more!  I’ve been having a wonderful time helping in the recovery effort from the coldest winter in Pensacola in 30 years.  You think you lost a lot of plants?  Plenty of potting, straightening and dumping of dirt going on at the nursery–but it’s all in an effort to make your landscape more beautiful!

Perdue’s Pots and Plants offers a wide selection of regionally grown plants, including:

  • sun coleus
  • cajun hibiscus
  • chartreuse sweet potato vine
  • yesterday, today and tomorrow plants
  • wisteria
  • angel trumpets
  • butterfly plants
  • knockout roses: pink and red–double and single
  • vegetables
  • very NICE assortment of herbs (culinary and scented)

You’ll also find a large variety of pots and baskets all ready for Mother’s Day gift giving.  Mrs. Perdue, Anne, Tracy and myself love plants, talking about plants and showing you plants so you won’t be lacking for assistance in finding just the right gift for the special mothers in your life.  🙂

A new addition to this year’s offerings are memorial bouquets.  Tracy and Vicky have been hard at work making beautiful floral arrangements to place as a memorial to your loved ones who are no longer with you.  The bouquets range in size from small saddles to large container bouquets–with prices ranging from $15 to $34


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