Ready for a seed swap!

I don’t know about you all but I have been ready to plant for the last two weeks now. Once the thermostat crept back up above 30, I was ready to put something in the ground! The cold weather here did quite a number on the garden but several plants came through with flying colors! The eucalyptus and the rosemary came through unscathed, of course that was really no surprise. They’re large and healthy plants. On surprising survivor was my buddleia, or butterfly bush. It didn’t even lose all of its leaves! On a sorrier note, most of the bromeliads seem to be toast and the angel trumpets will have suffered a hard hit this year. Oh well, nothing we can’t recover from!

In the spirit of growing new things, I have already started four flats of assorted seedlings in the greenhouse. So far, I have these for which I am eagerly anticipating the first sprouts:

  • peppers: serrano, jalapeno, hot and sweet mix
  • tomatoes: red robin,tiny tim, rhodes heirloom, variety mix
  • pocket melons
  • seminole squash
  • birdhouse gourd
  • banana squash
  • herbs: sweet annie, lettuce-leaved basil, broad-leaf sage, pyrethrum, borage
  • flowers: nasturtiums and lemon drop marigold
  • chayote squash

As well, I have several new and exciting varieties on order from Baker Creek Seeds:

  • cassabanana
  • hardy kiwi
  • cactus zinnia
  • Louisiana pirogue nicotiana
  • Tennessee dancing gourd
  • Chiquelite huckleberry
  • red malabar spinach

I have never grown any of these before but thought they would do well in our climate…and maybe be something of interest to sell at the Port City Market!

On another note, we are on the lookout for a rabbit to help provide some much needed organic fertilizer for the garden.  We’re hoping he (or she) will love to eat scraps from the veggies.  So, if you know of someone giving away two females or one male (preferably with a cage), we are looking!  Not to sound too cheap, we are willing to pay a rehoming fee for your little rabbit friends and their cage.  🙂

And, why the title of this post?  Seed swap?  Well, because I am always on the lookout for someone to swap seeds with me!  I love heirloom seeds–the more I have, the better.  I love novelty heirlooms, both  vegetable and flower.  I will even trade seeds for garden books–I really want Elizabeth Lawrence books.  So, if you’re interested, please let me know!

As an added note, if we’re swapping seeds through the mail, I like to send my seeds in a small bubble wrap envelope.  Otherwise, I have received crushed seeds in the mail and they’re just not good for anything!!


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