A shocking discovery…

Each morning, I like to wander around in the garden: noting which plants are struggling, needing water and which are really flourishing. It’s my way of keeping the pulse of the garden. Are the bean seeds sprouting? Are the caterpillars eating a new plant? There’s always a new discovery.

This morning, the discovery wasn’t very nice. At all.

I leaned over the deck railing to check on the water level of the pond. To my dismay, I saw a floater. A floating fish, that is. A floating Miss Sadie to be precise. I was distressed, but I know I don’t have a good track record with fish so I wasn’t completely shocked. Yet.

I hurried down to the water’s edge, to see if perhaps she was merely struggling for breath. Perhaps I could help her in some way. I reached to touch her…

And that’s when I got my second shock of the day. Big shock. Literally.

I’m sure you, my readers, being astute, have already determined the problem. The water was electrified. I looked around and noticed several small fish floating in the water. What????!!! I rushed inside to flip the breaker to the pond pump. It really was a rough way to start the morning…I hadn’t even had coffee…

James was good enough to clean up the pond and give Miss Sadie a proper burial–but what had happened to cause things to go so wrong? Why were most of the smaller fish still living? Even our resident Southern Leopard frog was completely fine!!

James pulled the pump out of the pond and we were met with a sorry sight. The pump had somehow come apart in its casing, exposing the motor. Ooooh. Shudders all around. All I can figure is that Miss Sadie, being a bottom feeder, came into contact with a larger electrical current than the top swimmers. It didn’t make me feel any better but at least this is a problem that can be solved.

Lesson learned, kiddos? Keep a good eye on your water pond. Make sure that any and all electrical parts are functioning properly. Don’t let poor Miss Sadie’s fate overtake your own little fishies!

Miss Sadie

DOB: unknown, resident of BrightHaven pond for approximately one year…

Death: September 11, 2009

Miss Sadie enjoyed swimming, making air bubbles, hiding out in her tunnel and eating caterpillars from garden plants. On some occasions, Miss Sadie had been known to eat some of the smaller denizens of the fish pond. Miss Sadie is survived by one water frog, many smaller co-inhabitants of the pond, by Mr. James and myself.

RIP, Miss Sadie…

9 thoughts on “A shocking discovery…

  1. Ouch, I’m so sorry! This year our goldfish escaped raccoon predations, but one day I went to turn on the lights in the greenhouse and saw one of the beautiful goldfish in the greenhouse water garden floating belly-up. I’m still trying to figure out what happened! Bless James for giving Miss Sadie an appropriate burial.

  2. Oh my! I am so sorry for your loss… however, if you need more fish for your pond I might be able to help. Let me know. I will be praying for you. Condolences, Pat

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