Bean planting photos

Keyhole planting area
Keyhole planting area

Bob, when we saw your layout, we knew we had to get ours done as well!  We’ve been wanting to try this design for a while but you really motivated us to get it done.  When this all fills in, won’t it be lovely?

Keyhole area
Keyhole area

The keyhole design is great for using as much space as possible.  More gardening area is accessible because the middle is basically cut out of the bed.  The gardener can work further inside the bed, around and at all sides.  Should be pretty nifty if it all works out right. 🙂

On another note, we are aspiring permaculture gardeners as well.  In true permaculture, the plants reseed themselves and come up at the appropriate times.  Last year, we had volunteer lettuce plants.  This year, we have mustard greens, garlic and hollyhocks!

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