Bean planting day

Today was bean planting day here at BrightHaven.  Of course, I’m planning to get some more seeds in the ground tomorrow as well, but I definitely got a good start today.  Now, when I make this list of seeds that I’ve planted, don’t  think that I’ve planted large areas of garden.  I figure if I plant a wide variety and lots of it, I have a better chance of getting enough beans for us!

So, what did I plant?

  1. asparagus beans (from Aunt Debbi)
  2. red noodle asparagus beans (same as above)
  3. speckled butter beans
  4. black eyed peas
  5. yellow wax beans

Tomorrow, I hope to plant some more of the speckled butter beans and some of the glimp beans I received from Mr. Hollis Baker.  I also have some McCaslin pole beans and fordhook limas that I should try as well.  Next, I need some lovely flowers to put in amongst the food.  I have snapdragons and marigolds.  I even have a lemon-scented marigold I’ve been anxious to try.  Maybe I’ll put a bit of that in there as well.

Hope to get an update and some photos for you by tomorrow.  Until then, happy gardening!

One thought on “Bean planting day

  1. Becca,

    You’ve been busy, busy. This website looks so cool and professional. Yea!!!
    I still like the little green bees you had on your 1st one.

    God Bless You Guys,

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