Our first pocket melon and longhorn okra

Pocket Melon

or: Queen Anne’s Melon, Plumgranny, Pomegranate Melon, Dudaim melon, the list goes on!  I don’t have a photo of the ripe pocket melon to show you, but it’s a lovely deep brown and gold stripedy thing.  Even better, it does have the promised “good smell.”  The fragrance is faint, but it’s there.  To me, it smells a bit like an apple.  James says it smells like a scratch-n-sniff sticker and wondered if we could eat it after all.  I believe they’re said to be quite bland.  Anybody?

In other news, I received some more lovely seeds from Mr. Hollis and Mrs. Alice today.  If you haven’t yet visited Mr. Hollis’ blog, do pop over and say hello.  I’ve been telling folks about Mr. Hollis for about three years now and if you’ve yet to go see what all the fuss is about–I can’t be blamed.

I took a photo today of myself with my cowhorn/longhorn okra, the seeds of which I received from Mr. Hollis.  The plants are quite robust and the leaves measure about a foot across on the largest plants.  If we could just get them all to give us okra at the same time, I’m sure I could find something good to do with it!

Becca and the okra

3 thoughts on “Our first pocket melon and longhorn okra

  1. Well, Hello! Thank you for doing laundry with me. It’s always more fun with a friend.

    It’s funny that you should ask about the white flower in the photo, because it’s a wild flower called Queen Anne’s Lace. Seriously! How ironic that you have your first Queen Anne’s Melon.

    The folktale goes that Queen Anne laid her lace out to dry on the tall grasses and it turned into this wildflower. The blossoms, which are actually many tiny flowers, really do look like lace.

    They have a fragrance that reminds me of honey, and they cut well. Some are here with me on my desk right now.

    I have no idea if we can collect seeds. Perhaps I shall try.

    It also happens to be related to the carrot and has a taproot.

    Happy Gardening!

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