Fall Gardening on the Gulf Coast

If you’re living in the sweltering Deep South and you’re like me, you’re just counting down the days to when you can get your fall garden in. Here in NW Florida, I find it a little more difficult to find really good planting guides. Most of our guides are aimed toward central to southern Florida while we really find ourselves in the same planting zone as South Louisiana and Southeast Texas. As some folks like to say, our area of Florida is more aptly described as “Lower Alabama,” which is just fine with me.

When I read on a friend’s facebook that her son was already preparing his truck garden for planting I was intrigued–and a little chagrined! I run a gardening blog and consider myself pretty up on planting seasons–why did I not know I should be planting right now? Sheer laziness I suppose, and other things on my mind. However, now that I have been reminded and prompted to get back into gear, I am ready for some fall planting.

What to plant? Cheryl told me they were using LSU’s planting guide. Great! I promptly downloaded that and printed it out. I’m also going to provide it here as a PDF for your personal use. So, if you’re in the area and you’re looking to plant a fall crop, take a look at this 8 page pamphlet.

And get to work!

Link to LSU planting guide

Sorry I was not able to upload the PDF–not sure what the problem is!  You’ll have to go to the link and download it yourself.  Enjoy.


One thought on “Fall Gardening on the Gulf Coast

  1. Just been out in our own little “garden” (I use that term loosely what with the lack of fruit) pulling up old plants, weeds, and such and we were just discussing what on earth we should plant next and when… So….. Thank you for the link! This looks like a great planting guide! Oh, it was good sitting next to you too. 🙂 Sorry I had to rush off without chatting, I had to be at the top for prayer team. 🙂

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