What a pretty poppy

Take a look at this gorgeous flower that came up out of nowhere here at BrightHaven. I have been keeping tabs on its growth throughout the season. It’s growing right to the side of one of our walkways. I let it be because I thought its leaves were quite lovely. Just this weekend, I saw that we were to be treated to a display of blooms. When I checked on it this morning, I was breathless with delight.
Folks, I’ve never grown a poppy and didn’t think I could. I’m so happy to have this beautiful specimen in our front yard. If you come over, you’ll have to take a look.

Could this be a Flander’s Poppy?


How very like a tulip! Looks hand-painted.

100_2689With daylilies and Silver King Artemisia in the background.

NOTE: Our Friend Ben was gracious enough to ID this poppy for us.  It is a bread poppy, opium poppy, what have you.  Who knows how it got into our yard.  But, we love it just the same and I’m totally looking forward to it naturalizing in this part of the yard.  Think it will, Ben?

Check out this great article on bread poppies and their history from Jim Long of Long Creek Herbs.


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