Coming attractions

Though I don’t have these posts all worked out yet, I just wanted to give you all some idea of some topics I’ll be writing about this next week.  If you have suggestions or questions that you would like to see answered here, let me know and I’ll get something put together.  Thanks so much for stopping by and your nice comments on our little gardening blog.

Next time on Little Green Bees…

Confessions of a Seed Killer: wherein you learn how I kill seeds every year…

Coming Soon!

The Layout of a Garden

Baby Steps, or Putting a garden together from the beginning

Well, that storm finally made its way here so I am inside all day.  I’ll be getting some housework done (as opposed to pulling weeds or spending time on the computer) and enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof.  Hope you all have a wonderful morning!

ps.  Don’t forget to leave any questions or ideas you may have in the comment section!

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