Need a small compost bin?

My very lovely and talented sister posted a question to yesterday’s post about containing a small amount of compost.  My thought immediately went to two things

  1. a worm tower
  2. ice cream

Ice cream?  Excuse me, Becca, but you are grossing me out!  I know, I know, but just hear what I have to say.

Actually, let’s put aside the worm tower right now–although that’s probably the one you’re going to want to use, Micah.

What in the world does ice cream have to do with compost?  Glad you asked.  Again.  Large ice cream buckets make great compost holders to keep inside the house.  Fitted with a lid and a handle, the bucket is easy to carry and clean enough to keep right under your sink without being concerned that little hands will disturb the contents.  Another way to use the ice cream bucket crosses over into worm tower territory.

Cut a larger circle into the bottom of an empty ice cream bucket.  Then, drill drainage holes all over the rest of the bucket.  Dig a hole and sink the empty bucket into the ground–just leaving the handle accessible.  As you fill the bucket with compost, worms will be attracted to the container and will come and go, enriching the soil around the bucket and breaking down the compost at the same time!  It’s the perfect soil conditioner for a small raised bed.  NOTE: this system can be used with any type of container.  If you have an enormous amount of compost, just do the same procedure to a large or medium-sized plastic trash can with a lid.   Another benefit to this method is that you can now compost meat and dairy without fear of animals violating your compost (it has a lid and is buried in the ground!)

Now, what was this about a worm tower?  Glad you asked.  Take a look at this wonderful little video.

As always, happy gardening!

3 thoughts on “Need a small compost bin?

  1. I’m going to try this as a little experiment. I have a large compost bin, but can always make more. I love the worm tower, too – a good school garden project, I think.

  2. ooh thank you. my small compost is quickly getting large, so i think i will have to use one of our old plastic trash cans. oh and why did i not know about this site before!?! haha!!

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