Seed List/Available for trades!

Please excuse the crazy looking list.  I spent a looong time working on it in Microsoft Excel (bad move, as I know nothing of the vagaries of excel) and then couldn’t figure out how to get my beautiful list to here!!

Seed amount Year Originator Heirloom/OP/Commercial/?
Forget me nots much 2006 ?? commercial package
sm dutchman’s pipevine much 2008 becca OP–home
swamp hibiscus much 2008 jeanette sowell OP–friend
White datura–thorn apple much 2007 becca OP–home
pyrethrum small 2007 bountiful gardens op–commercial
marigold variable 2008 becca/gardens ??
snapdragons variable 2006-2008 variety OP
zinnias large 2008 hollis baker OP
milkweed medium 2007 becca OP
mystery hibiscus medium 2007 trade?? OP
gloxinia medium 2007 becca OP
cranberry hibiscus medium 2007 becca OP
strawflower medium 2008 trade?? OP
cleome small 2008 trade?? ??
larkspur large 2008 hollis baker OP
double purple datura large 2009 becca OP
banana squash large 2008 becca OP
speckled limas large 2008 becca OP–from commercial seed plants
purple top turnips medium 2008 Pensacola seed commercial
cocodrin rice medium 2007 bountiful gardens OP
white egg turnips small 2008 Pensacola seed commercial
broccoli small 2008 Pensacola seed commercial
mystery miniature winter squash large 2008 becca OP
green bell pepper large 2007-2008 becca/commercial OP and commercial
cantaloupe huge 2008 becca/hollis/barrett OP/??
tomato varieties medium 2008 ?? ??
cushaw small 2008 charlie barrett trade
regular okra large 2008 hollis baker OP
Texas longhorn okra very small 2008 hollis baker OP
lemon cucumber small 2008 trade ??
lettuce leaved basil small 2008 ?? ??
fennel large 2008 home OP
shiso small 2007 trade ??
sage small 2007 bountiful gardens OP
echinacea large 2009 becca OP
bushel gourd large 2008 becca OP
goose egg gourd small 2008 charlie barrett ??
atlas cotton large 2008 becca OP
broomcorn large 2008 becca OP
dale sorghum small 2008 bountiful gardens OP
pocket melon very small 2008 charlie barrett OP
egyptian onions on hold 2009 becca OP

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