Signs of Spring 2009

Here along the Gulf Coast, we get our signs of spring a bit earlier than the rest of the country.  This Wednesday, February 18th, the migrating Robins came through.  They are always so wonderful to see and it seems like I always manage to write something about them.  Last year, I took photos of the enormous flock in our back yard and in the empty lot across the street.  This year, I was in the throes of a fever and so wasn’t able to do much more than acknowledge James when he mentioned they were here.

Another sign of spring is the budding out of our little Florida Buckeye.  It’s the sweetest little tree and the hummingbirds always love it.  I’ll take some photos and upload them.  Right now, the buds look like grape hyacinth (but pink) surrounded by deep purplish maroon leaves.  Very lovely.

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