Seed Swap/Round Robin

As part of the 2008-2009 Seed Swap Round Robin hosted by Howling Hill, I received seeds in the mail on February 7th from Grace of Give Me Grace. I took several types of seeds for our spring garden:

  • large red kidney beans
  • blue lake green beans
  • egyptian onions
  • red slim peppers
  • cinderella pumpkin
  • sweet meat squash
  • yellow crookneck squash

In return, I added several types of seeds gathered from our own garden and from other seed swaps.  They were:

  • red bell peppers
  • fava beans
  • banana squash
  • sweet fennel
  • bushel gourd
  • speckled lima beans
  • small dutchman’s pipevine
  • white moonflower (datura)
  • swamp hibiscus
  • blanket flower
  • white fordhook lima beans
  • texas longhorn okra
  • broomcorn

On February 9th, I mailed all the seeds out to Jena Becker of Becker Farms.  Hope everyone has a wonderful harvest!


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