First frost…

Who knew it would come so soon?  We spent yesterday in a state of feverish activity.  We cleared out the greenhouse, which had become a storage space of odds and ends.  A greenhouse here in Pensacola just did not cut it during the summer!  Once the temperature reached 100+, we decided our plants couldn’t live in it.

So yesterday, I dug up peppers and basil and evacuated them to their winter residence.  Our pepper plants have been so fruitful this year that we would love to have them for several more seasons.  I get so attached to plants.  James got electricity finally hooked up to the green house.  Now, we can run a space heater or heat lamps to expedite seed sprouting in the spring and warmth in the winter.  Lovely!!

Zone 8:

  • Last Frost Date: March 15
  • First Frost Date: November 15
  • Frost-free days: 240

Seems like the frost came right on schedule this year.  For some reason, I can’t help but thinking it was early.  For that reason, we were caught a bit unprepared–thus the flurry of activity to get plants protected.  Maybe it was the 80 degree weather last week that had me confused.  Who knows?


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