What is a hugel-kulter?

Well, I may have not spelled that quite correctly but it’s a concept to be found in Gaia’s Garden.  I’m away from my own dear garden but am busy working in the yard here at my parents’ home.  If you read BrightHaven Times, you will know that I am away for a while. 

We’re working on cleaning up around the Old Homestead, dragging dead branches, uprooting well-established weeds, shoveling horse poop and moving compost piles.  We rather thought of using the dead branches in some permaculture activity.  The hugel-kulter is a pile of branches, 6-8 feet in length, and about 2 feet high.  Stomp the branches down to a depth of about one foot and then cover with compost, garden soil and other soil amendments.  As the wood breaks down, it creates what is called a swale.  This swale actually holds water in the soil.  It’s a great way to use any dead branches in the yard that are too large for the compost pile. 

So, check around your yard.  Look for any extra materials you can use.  Has anyone tried this method?  I’d love to hear how it worked for you!

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