Pensacola Seed and Garden

Wow! What a great place for all your nursery needs. We initially visited Pensacola Seed and Garden back in September because I was really wanting to start a water garden. With the onset of winter, we decided to hold off on the $12/each butterfly koi until we could give them a good start. The nursery, however, made such a great impression on us that we have been back several times. Our first visit, I bought about a pound of red, yellow and white onion sets for the garden. Every single onion is doing great and we even ate a few of them–excellent quality!

The next visit, I returned for turnip greens, spinach and a variety of flower and herb seeds. As I left, Mr. Morris told me to check back this week for potato sets. I did and was I ever glad! I was able to buy 3 lbs of red pontiac, la seda and white potatoes for 49 cents/lb. As well, I bought two apple trees suited to our zone (Anna and Ein Shemer–both transplants from Israel).


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